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T-Alerts offers an exciting new way to receive your information...

Depending on the list, you will receive an e-mail anywhere from once a week to once every few months — and you can unsubscribe at any time. Do it in two easy steps...

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Now Thornton residents have a new T-Alert that will notify them of fire and weather emergencies! This system is based on your street address, and will notify you of a potentially threatening emergency in your neighborhood — and it works with land line, cellphone, VoIP, and email! Please follow the link above to sign up on this (separate) notification system.

List Descriptions

Below is a listing of our currently offered e-mail announcement lists.

T-mail News Briefs

Our weekly T-mail News Briefs eNewsletter will fill you in with a summary of the latest Thornton news and events.

Visit our T-mail weekly news brief

Miss the latest email version of T-Mail News Briefs? Want to peruse the archives? Visit our Web version of T-mail News Brief, holding all our weekly summaries of Thornton news.

Traffic Announcements

Notices relating to road construction, closings, detours and special projects.

Recreation Announcements

The monthly Recreation newsletter -- Recreation Communication -- as well as reminders about class registration and other recreation activities.

Seniors Announcements

Receive notification of activities, events, health tips, and more, related to Thornton's seniors.

Community Event Announcements

Festivals, culture, workshops, the arts -- Receive notice of events taking place in the community.

Kid-Friendly Announcements

Our Thornton kids are always ready to do something: get updates on the latest kid-friendly happenings in the city.

Public Safety Announcements

Receive NON-EMERGENCY public safety information and tips for Thornton citizens. For emergency notification, see green box above.

Trash and Recycling Announcements

Information about trash collection, recycling, and special collections services including: updates, delay notices, seasonal services, chemical roundups, landfill days, spring cleanup program, and more.

Thornton Cable Channel 8 Announcements

Keep in tune to local news and happenings with KTTV-8 Cable. Learn more about programs of interest, watch a live meeting and receive updates on changes and improvements.

Fire Department Announcements

Receive notices when a Fire Department event is taking place in our community and general fire safety announcements.

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